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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by driftwell, Feb 20, 2008.

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    I posted 3 years ago asking for everyone's thoughts on which job to take, and today I'm here to ask again now that I have a better understanding as to what I like doing.

    I currently work for a small mom and pops company as their 1 and only IT guy. I literally do EVERYTHING here. And I mean everything. I've come to realize that I enjoy solving problems and figuring out how to use technology to make business operations easier.

    The problem however is, since its a small company, my procedures on how things are done aren't exactly "corporate". I just kinda "do it". No documentation or following PDLC steps, etc...

    So now I want outta here. And I'm trying to decide:

    1 - which carreer path to take
    2 - if i should try and go for a big corporate company

    for #1:
    I'm thinking of doing the business/systems analyst route and work my way towards project manager/coordinator


    Taking up a network/systems admin position and work my way to consulting

    questions: which makes more $$$ (i live in socal)? Which tends to have more free time and have flexible hours?

    As for #2:
    As I mention before, even though I learned a little about a lot, my experience is non corporate. I know I have what it takes to jump into a mid-level position, but on paper it doesn't seem like it. Should I take a paycut and start at an entry level position and work my way up? If so... what are some good entry level positions?

    thanks and sorry for the long post..... (i hate making life decisions)
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    See what's out there and apply for everything...from entry level to administration. Do you have any degrees or certifications? Those can help tremendously when it comes to landing a higher tiered job right off the bat.

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