Need help downloading tar. bz extension please

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by NorthernLightsFan, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. I just downloaded wall paper from gnome look dot org and the extension ends with tar. bz I tried to drag the file into /usr/share/backgrounds/images folder , when I do that I get an error thats say I don't have write access to that folder dose anyone know how I can root into the /usr/share/backgrounds/images folder and place the image in there.

    I'm using Debian Linux

    Any info on how to go about installing this download will be appreciated very much

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    most linux apps ive dealt with have a readme or something that explains how to install
  3. I already looked, couldn't find one
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    Either start your web browser as root and drag it, or put it somewhere that you have non-root access to (I'd recommend putting it somewhere in your home directory, since it doesn't really need to go in /usr/share/backgrounds/images). Once you download it, you'll need to decompress it with the command tar -jxvf <filename>, although if you double click on it in whatever GUI file manager you're using, it'll probably uncompress it for you.

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