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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Paulie Walnuts, Jan 7, 2007.

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    Background, I am a straight male, 31, engaged and just took a promotion where I have to shirt and tie it everyday. Over the past month I spent about $3k on new clothing. I mostly shop at Macys and Nordstroms as they have decent stuff and they are somewhat affordable. I am not going to be a fashion person that goes and buys something just because of the name brand.

    So, what I am having a hard time with is matching shirts, pants and ties. Shoes arent an issue, I have more shoes than most women :mamoru: but anyway, I need help

    I have shirts with verticle stripes and shirts with checkered patterns and of course plain shirts dont need help with those. I have plain pants and pin stripes. Then I have about 15 ties with a variety of patterns. My question is how the fuck to I match the pants to the shirts and then the ties.

    Can I wear a pin stripe pants with a checkered shirt? I do not think that I can but I dont have the dressing rule book either. Then what do I do about ties? What kinda patterns? See where I am going with this??

    Any advice, links to advice et al would be of great help. Thanks!
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    I wouldn't wear pinstripe pants with a checkered shirt or a pinstripe shirt, one or the other, not both. The ties are a different matter and it really depends on the colors, designs and the look you want for that particular moment. If its really formal try to avoid the really flashy combinations, keep it subtle. Classy works best for most situations.

    Some will disagree but:

    Pinstripe pants should go, on most ocassions, with plain shirts and plain or subtle design ties.

    Plain pants can go with almost everything, it depends on the moment, you should add something not plain to add character to the whole set up.
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    post up pic's of what you have... We can pick out what will go with what and set you on the metro look.
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    Man...straight men can't do anything with out their Mommys.

    Be that as It may...

    I always thought Ronald McDonald was a pretty spiffy dresser...& YOU do seem to already own the attire....just a thought..


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