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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Ghostaz0r, Apr 16, 2005.

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    I have Comcast High Speed, running through both a wireless connection and an Ethernet Cable on a linksys router. I was originally just on Wireless, and my internet was generally running between 11-22 Kbps, then when i got the cable, it went up to about 110 Kbps. Now, for some reason, the speed has drastically dropped to hover around 2-4 Kbps. When i try to play internet based multiplayer games, i play for not even a full minute and it spikes down, lags me out of the game, and the internet speed shows that it is running at a dismal 10 bps. Thats Fucking SLOW.

    Any ideas? Suggestions? I'm going to give Comcast a call about it tommorrow as i've been dealing with it for far too long. Last time they told me to restart the router, and that helped for about 5 minutes. I tried doing that again and its no good.

    Anyone please help me? Its been 3 months sinces ive played CS :wtc:

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