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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by thomor25, Apr 17, 2003.

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    Ok for one of my classes, telecommunications, My final consists of a paper/powerpoint but more of a powerpoint. I have to pick a topic related to telecommunications. Other kids in the class are doing wireless, bluetooth, biometrics, preador or unmanned aircraft, etc etc. I thought I could do something and also use it to incorporate into my senior project, which happens to be my webhosting company. Basically instead of others doing some fake thing or an enterprise level project I have real world experience but I might have to take it to a level of well what if I grow as a company and have to get my own dc. I'll have to do a feasability study and what not. Anyway What topics would be good and would contain lots of info I can find on the net which can also be included in a verbal as well as visual presentation with powerpoint? I was thinking of doing it on how dns's propagate and where the main, I believe 13, dns's are and how they work. Is there another topic that is better that I could possibly find videos on and such to include in a powerpoint?

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