GUN Need help from fellow Mosin Nagant owners

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by homerj109, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. homerj109

    homerj109 Guest

    Hey, I need some help from any Mosin owners out there. I was cleaning my gun, and I think I lost the trigger pin. I ordered a new one, and I hear its pretty common for them fall out.

    Anyway, I cant get the bolt off to dissasemble the whole rifle, cause the trigger wont work.

    Ive heard that I got to press down on the sear(that little square thing between the bolt and rifle, if you pull the bolt all the way back and look between the bolt and rifle u will see it) but im having trouble.

    I dunno how many of you have had the same problems, but I would appreciate any help. Especially on any tricks or tips for me to depress that damn sear to get the bolt off. I dont have the right tools for it I guess, cause I stuck some things in there to depress it but nothing happened.

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