Need help identifying a song: late 70-80s..plz

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by jasno, Dec 13, 2007.

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    I just heard a John Mayer song called Vultures. The chorus and the prominent guitar rif is very very similair to a song from the late 70s-80s. I know thats a huge window of time, but this song was popular and even though its before many of our time, we still probably heard it. :wiggle:

    this version is better but you might wanna skip the interview :wavey:

    The chorus from Vultures seems pretty much exactly like this song. I want to say the band that did it was a soul band with some pop appeal, because it was on the radio.

    If your good with musicians / songs and wanna help me out give his song a listen please. I know some of you guys know the song. :x:
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    late 70s to early 80s is my sweet spot - so I guess that makes me the old man of the group. You damn kids get off my lawn!

    Anyway - I dont recognize any similarities to a particular song from that era. It does sound rather Steely Dan-ish though.

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