Need Help Installing a 10'' MTX 6104A Series Subwoofer

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Area_51, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Area_51

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    I just got a couple questions before I put the sub and install it.

    My subwoofer is just a single 4 ohm subwoofer.
    So do I just connect the wires postive to positve to the box and negative to negative to the box.

    Also I'd want to bridge my amp so I can run this one sub to my 2 channel amp.
    Is there anything I need to know about that?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!:bigthumb:
  2. 04

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    First of all, can your amplifier handle a 4ohm bridged mono load? (it probably can)

    It will tell you in the amplifier's manual how to properly hook up the amplifier for mono operation if it supports it.
  3. Area_51

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    Also with the subwoofer, on the ends of the woofer do I just connect the negatives to the negatives of the box clip and positive to the positive box clip?

    No brainer? I just wanted to make sure thats all!

    Oh and Thank you for your help, its greatly appreciated:x:
  4. 04

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    Yes, thats all you have to do :)

    There is only one set of terminals on your woofer, its a single voice coil, right?
  5. Area_51

    Area_51 Guest

    Yes it is, Its only a single voice coil!

    I thought it would be rocket science stuff! Thanks so much dude!

    Also what would you recommend doing so that the install would be much easier, I saw some clips like the circular ones and at the end it has a hole to put the wire in, should I get that to run the subs to the amp, so that the connection is better?

    What would you recommend for a great install?
  6. 04

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    By the clips like the circular ones, you mean the speaker terminals on the box, right?

    Yes, put the wire in that hole on the inside of the box, and get a soldering Iron and solder the speaker wire inside the box to that. Then use 1/4" quick disconnect terminals if your speaker has 1/4" tabs, or if it has binding posts, just use them.
  7. Area_51

    Area_51 Guest

    Thanks so much dude, if I got any questions what is your email or icq, so that I can msg you!

    Thanks again!

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