Need help installing Headunit on 83 300SD

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by EatinAlive, Oct 18, 2004.

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    I just got a JVC 180watt cd player, and im having trouble finding out how to install the new one. I have pulled out the old Becker, but im stuck on which wires hook on to which.

    I've snipped the L and R speaker wires, Im assuming that they are only for the front, right?

    I've found out which wire is the atenna wire, but where do i hook that to? the accesorry?

    Also those 2 ground wires, Am i sopposed to screw that in the back on the new HU also? OR with the Batter and Power?

    Im clue less to what wires are in the main connector, and where do i hook them up with? Which wires are in there?

    I have only hooked up 2 sets of speaker wires.
    I still need to hook up the
    Remote ( i dont have one)
    And 2 more speaker wires.

    Can someone expalin to me how i install my Head Unit?

    These 79 Beckers are getting to me. [​IMG]

    Please help me out

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