Need help my iTunes crapped out...

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by RollinTWENTIES, Aug 13, 2009.

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    So let me paint you a picture.

    The other day I went to open up itunes and to my dismay all my stuff was gone, as if I had just installed itunes onto my pc. No songs, playlists, apps, NOTHING. Now this has happened to me before and i was able to do a quick fix involving some kind of .xml file or something. But this time its different, Over time I've added so many new songs and the thing is they're scattered all over my computer. Some on my desktop, some in files within files and its just a mess so its not as simple as just dragging a folder with all my music into the library and shazam! Plus some of the songs are duplicates but just in different folders on my hard drive.
    I thought that everytime you added a song to the itunes library it copied that file into a specific folder so you would have all your songs neatly organized in one "itunes specific folder" and could just add it to restore in case of emergency.

    Now I tried using this free program called tunestor I think where you simply just drag and drop everything from your ipod to your HDD, but the thing was that when I drag all the songs to add it to my itunes library a lot of the songs instead of showing the names and stuff it was just a bunch of little squares as if it was characters that itunes didn't recognize. Now I wouldn't mind just listening to the song and re-tagging it accordingly but i have about 3000 songs and a little less than half of them had that problem so it would be a MAJOR Pain in the butt.

    So is there any kind of software out there that will take the music off my ipod and restore it to my itunes library? I wouldn't mind looking for all the music on my hdd and just erasing it all and then replacing it with everything that gets taken off my ipod just to save me the hassle of throwing all my mp3s in one folder and adding it to my itunes and having to go and erase all the duplicates.

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