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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by theanomaly, Oct 24, 2007.

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    Ok so heres the long story:
    I decided to buy a new heatsink because I had a stock one and it was running at bit hot. So i put the new heatsink in and it was fine but still running a bit high, so I thought that i put the thermal compound on poorly. So i took of my new heatsink, reapplyed, started back up and everything looked fine. Fine until i played a game, opened a few programs, pretty much ran anything with a cpu usage of over 30%. My cpu would just begin to heat from around 40-43 idle, then over a min or two, run up to the 70s, then shutdown when it hit 80degC. I've reapplyed the thermal compound over ten times now, trying a bit more, a bit less, different ways of spreading it, all while cleaning both sides with rubbing alcohol. I've even tried 3 different types of compounds, and 3 different people have applyed it. The weird thing is when i put my stock heatsink back in, its doing the same thing. When i took my new heatsink off, i noticed that there was no thermal compound residue in the middle, it was like the heatsink was only touching on the outside, which there is not much heat being created compared to the middle. i took the cpu out and reset it back in its slot so see maybe if i dislodged it. and when its running, the metal of the heatsink is room temp, so i can tell that heat isnt being transferred. So i pretty much have no idea why this is happening. I have a few theories and want to know what you all think:

    -the new heatsink sucks and the face is not flat (would be a good choice but im having the same problem when i put the old stock one back on)

    -i cant apply thermal compound (would be true but i had 2 other do it also)
    -mobo bend? (not too sure about this one)

    -processor is fucked (why would it be concave all of a sudden?)

    -brackets are screwed up (i made sure the screws are tightened good to the mobo, but somehow i think that the heatsink isnt either on the cpu with enough force or somehow the brackets are causing the non-contact issue)

    like i said i have no idea, sorry for the long explanation but its a very weird problem. right now i have my stock on back on, idling at about 40degC, but when i put it under load, any load, it spikes back up to 60ish and keeps climbing. im about to go to microcenter and buy a new $60 heatsink cuz the one i got was a cheapo i found on newegg onsale for 20$ (got pretty good ratings so i figured i give it a try).

    -cpu climbs and wont reach a limit when under load
    -not thermal compound issue
    -old heatsink creating same issues
    -cpu-heatsink interface not completely in contact (some sort of concavity)
    -wtf is wrong?

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