need help quick...don't want to destroy my geforce 4

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  1. alright guys... i hope someone on here has done this before and knows how to do it. I have a visiontek xtasy geforce 4 ti4200. I have been having heat problems with the card. So i bought a high performance heatsink for it. I bought a thermaltake solid copper heatsink w/ fan, but that is irrelevant considering i cannot get the old heatsink off. They have bonded the damn heatsink on there with some kind of hella strong white adhesive stuff. anybody out there have any ideas about this stuff. i don't want to damage the card. so prying on it isn't really an option. Any ideas? :confused:
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    if u double seal the card (2 air tight static bags) toss it in the freezer for 15-20 mins the thermal glue will contract, take an exacto knife and vola.

    we do that at work when ppl ask us to install b.orb and i did that on my gf2mx400 with its c.orb

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