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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by boostin-gp, Feb 19, 2004.

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    Working for an authorized dealer definately has its benefits, but the only problem is that I have NEVER built a box before. The subs I'm probably going to be going with are 4 of the Bazooka RXT2 'bigger' triangle subs. Cone surface area is supposed to be near 12", and the new ones are aluminum cone.

    I'm hoping that I can fit 4 of them across like so...


    I obviously suck at paint, but you get the idea.

    I want to do a sealed box, and the recommended sealed enclosure volume is .7 cu. ft. My question is this... when I build the box, what would the advantages/disadvantages be to doing one large chamber, or 4 seperate .7 cu. ft. sealed chambers? Is there any difference at all? I'm going for a fairly tight and punchy sound, yet I want it to be smooth at the same time. SPL is really of no concern at this point.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas for the box. Please dont reply if you're just going to rip the subs. I had the rxt1's in a previous car and loved them.
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    Bazooka RXT2 :ugh:
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    Thanks for the advice, prick.:rant2: If you arent going to help me with the original question, then just dont bother posting in this thread. :greddy:
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    In the Woodline.
    Visually, (I didn't see what vehicle this is going in, but I'm probably blind) if you have a hatchback I'd configure them into one large triangle.

    as far as the enclosure is concerned, I've always been happier with the sound that came from my seperately sealed chambers (tight sound) than when I just had one large enclosure (more boomy). but... that could be due to manufacturing problems on my part.
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    my thoughts exactly

    i hope he got the radiator with those so he can cool them :rofl:
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    4 seperate chambers would work or 1 single would too. You would get better box bracing with 4 seperate ones.

    You said you aren't interested in SPL yet you are installing 4 woofers? :o :rofl:
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    I dont mind doing a little extra bracing in the box. Trust me... these are NOT really SPL subs (and honestly not sq either)but for what I like, they work out really nice. I had 6 in my previous set-up, in a rather large ported box, but they were underpowered. These 4 will be properly powered, and its what i prefer, and also what I can afford.

    I'm looking for any specific differences in the sound that i would get out of one large chamber with box bracing, as opposed to 4 seperate sealed chambers.

    Any opinions on my original question? :sad2:
  8. 04

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    If I were a betting man, I would bet on you not being able to hear the difference between the single and multi chambered boxes ;)

    That said, simply for quality sake, you might want to go with 4 chambers unless you plan to brace the box otherwise.
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    Thanks for the input. I may just go ahead and design the box as one large chamber, and do sufficient bracing from there. I wanted to do 4 seperate chambers just to help with bracing, but the only way I'm going to fit 4 subs angled like the pic I made above is to put them pretty damn close together. I'm afraid I would have a difficult time trying to get the exact dimensions out of all of the single chambers. I just didnt know how the subs reacted in a huge box like that as opposed to a smaller box for each one. Next question... would you recommend a large amount of fill for the box in this situation or no... ?
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    Well for sound quality purposes, I typically reccomend using the largest sealed enclosure as you can fit. I usually stuff sealed boxes with about 50 percent polyfill.

    I checked the t/s parameters for that subwoofer, it looks like a sealed box of around 4-5 cubic feet internal airspace after displacements will work fine.

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