SRS Need Help v.Friend about to Lose Mother

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    another excuse
    Hi Guys,

    This is a weird situation for me, as I've been fortunate in life so far. My grandparents are alive (as are my parents) and I have not lost any friends to terrible accidents. However, now one of my friends, who I recently met two years ago skimboarding, needs support.

    His mom has cancer and appearntly it has spread past the infected area. They are still doing tests and I hope to God they come back negative, but even still a recovery will be tough because she has gone through cancer and therapy before... this is hard to write, to be honest I don't even know what I'm saying.

    Well now I do. Two things.
    One - Please put them in your thoughts, whether you are religious or not, just think about them and hope for a little glimmer of light to shine on them.

    Two - I was thinking about making a little picture collage the other day and sending it to him because he's in school. The skim board community is very tight and support seems unconditional from everyone else as well. Do you think it is appropriate sending him a nice picture with a hand written note (picture is attached below)? I don't want to come off as 'expecting the worst' but I also want to let him know that my brother, our friends, and myself are here to offer support. What should I do?

    This issue isn't bothering me overly but I just want to make sure that my actions help him, his sister, and father. Thanks.

    CLIFFS: Friends mom is in trouble, how should I respond.

    Picture link:
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    i think that's a great idea to send a picture me personally i would love something like that if i was going thru hard times

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