Need help with A/C problem perhaps b/c of an electrical short

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by hatecc, Aug 16, 2006.

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    Ok, I figure I'll give you all the info I have on this to make sure It's as helpful as possible, please forgive if there is information you do not need.

    Ok I bought a '95 Monte Carlo LS several weeks ago from a friend of my brother, it had been sitting in his driveway for months. The AC wasn't cooling all that well so he went to get it evacuated and recharged. It went out a few days later and that is when he discovered there was a leak directly over the compressor which shot it. So he installed a new compressor and fixed the leak and I went and got it evacuated and recharged. I took it on the road right after because I was going home. It was cranking out freezing air and then on I-10 it just stopped and was just venting warm air. So I had it looked at by a friend of the family and he said it was a blown fuse and that if it blows again it is an electrical short. So i drove back to college a few days ago and it's working great and then again it just shut off and started venting off the engine(this was on I-10 again). So i proceed to look through the fuses, I wasn't sure which one was for the AC but i looked at all the ones I thought might be for the AC and they all looked intact, I took a quick glance at the other fuses and they looked alright as well. So I'm not sure if he was talking about the fuses in the fuse box or what. I read in the manual I have, it says something about fusable links or something, so I'm not sure what he actually replaced.

    Any suggestions on how to get my AC working again and what I need to do, I have a friend who does all his own car work so he could probably help me out. So it would be much appreciated if anyone could guide me in the right direction. And if you need any more info let me know. Thanks.

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