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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by colosodian, Sep 25, 2007.

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    I've been friends with him for about four or so years, he never was the happiest of people, but our junior of hs when everyone started partying he seemed to enjoy it. Fast forward, hes on probation, basically hasn't done shit since we graduated HS 15 months ago. After graduating, we both started college at a local school, he lasted all of 3 days... He eventually got a job (8 months after graduating high school) and quit 3 months later. Last four or so months he hasnt done anything at all. (except bust up a bunch of shit putting himself on probation, and racking up more than 3k in damages he cant pay..)

    The kicker, he sits in his room all day long playing wow (lvl 70 ahhh shit)

    I don't know what to do anymore, he wont even leave his house, i see him about once a week by really making an effort. I call him nearly every day, he usually only calls me for a ride (DUI from last nov). Whenever we talk about his bullshit, he says he hates people and how selfish they are. To me, he seems the most selfish person ive ever met, he sits in his room and plays wow while his mom works to pay to put dinner on the table, his meds, all the damage hes caused over the last year.

    Im looking for anyone that has had similar situations, dont know what to do, at this rate im pretty sure he'll eventually kill himself.
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    You haven't addicted to online games before ? I'm an online gamer for probably 5 years now (different games) and I've played with such people. I go online and they're on and I leave before they do.

    It's really hard to get people like these to stop playing since it's a whole new world there. Most high level players play competitively. Meaning if they stopped playing for a while they'd get left behind already. What's worse is if he's got responsibilities ingame such as being a leader of some sort and people rely on him to be online. Maybe if in the real world he feels like a loser and ingame he's godly and people respect him there.

    Honestly, I don't know what you can do to stop him from playing WoW. Yeah maybe his mom can cut off his internet and etc. but he'll eventually find a way to play.

    The few things I can think of to make him stop playing:
    1. All his ingame friends stop. :o
    2. Hack him and delete his character. :o
    3. Have his character banned by the Game Masters. :o
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    You need to convince him that there is no reward into playing wow, like any addiction its just being stuck in a vicious downward going spiral, that one needs to jump out from. What has wow ever done for him in terms of progressing in life? And ask him if he really feels like he's going forward in life when he levels an on-line character? Ask him how much money he earned by playing wow, saying all those kinds of things feeding it to him how worthless this on-line game really is(in terms of life progress)

    If an oppertunity arrives on the whole hating people who are selfish things, ask him ' what have you ever done for someone else?, what have you ever accomplished in life? ' those are questions that will tick him off, but are neccessary to make him realise of where he stands in his own life.

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