Need help with DB9 to RJ45 diagram

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    Need help with DB9 to RJ45 diagram(CISCO)

    I rarely ever service cisco routers since I do hardware and software upgrades for servers etc. Never the less I'm apparently the only tech in my region who is available to do some simple install of a preconfigured 2611 cisco router(been years since I've even touched one). I called the company who shipped it but the tech isn't available to verify if the box contains the needed DB9 to RJ45 wire. I picked up a female and male DB9 adaptor and am wondering is anyone who is familiar with this stuff could help me out with the proper wiring for this. Not only that, but just wondering if I need either a Xover cable to connect to it, or a standard cat5 wire. I don't want to go to this simple job and look like a moron, though for me not even knowing the simple wiring could put in me in the category. Also which of the two connectors do I need to worry about, is it a male or female connector I need? Thanks in advanced.
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