Need help with external drive in os x

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  1. I have an external hard drive connected by firewire (6 pin). I'm new to a mac so there are still some things I do not understand. In windows you can stop an external device like a hard drive. It will lock the heads and everything. How do I acomplish this in os x? What are the steps I need to follow before unplugging and/or turning off the power to the external hard drive?

    I would apprecaite any help I could get. Thank you.
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    just hit the eject icon or drag it to the trash it will unmount the harddrive and park it so you can safely remove it without dataloss.
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  3. Thanks. I was just a little worried because when I ejected it, then turned off the power the hard drive made a sound that did not sound very good. I was a little worried. I appreicate the help.
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    if the hd is making the noises, the OS won't be causing them. your best bet is to just drag it to the trash, wait for it to unmount, then disconnect it before turning the power off.

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