TECH Need help with Java Homework: Cannot find symbol error


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Apr 24, 2005
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/* The Payroll Class Represents Payroll data for a user entered employee */

public class Payroll
private String employeeName; //The Employees Name
private int idNumber; //The Employees ID number
private double hourlyPayRate; //How much the Employee makes per hour
private double hoursWorked; //How many hours the employee worked in one week

//Constructor accepts arguments for the employees name, ID Number, pay rate
//and the amount of hours worked.

public Payroll (String employeeName, int idNumber, double hourlyPayRate,
double hoursWorked)

employeeName = "ename";
idNumber = number;
hourlyPayRate = hpr;
hoursWorked = hw;


//The setEmployeeName method accepts an argument for the employees name

public void setEmployeeName(String ename)
employeeName = ename;

//The setIdNumber method accepts an argument for the employees ID Number

public void setIdNumber(int number)
idNumber = number;

//The setPayRate method accepts an argument for the employees hourly pay rate

public void setPayRate(double hpr)
hourlyPayRate = hpr;

//The setHoursWorked method accepts argument for the amount of hours an employee works

public void setHoursWorked(double hw)
hoursWorked = hw;

//The getName method returns the employees Name
public String getName()
return employeeName;

//The getIdNumber method returns the employees ID Number
public int getIdNumber()
return idNumber;

//The getPayRate method returns the employees hourly pay rate
public double getPayRate()
return hourlyPayRate;

//The getHoursWorked method returns the amount of hours an employee works
public double getHoursWorked()
return hoursWorked;
//Calculate gross pay

public double getGrossPay()

return (hoursWorked * hourlyPayRate);


I get this error, i highlighted the lines where these are since the code got all fucked up when i copy pasted it into here:

----jGRASP exec: javac -g cannot find symbol
symbol : variable number
location: class Payroll
idNumber = number;
^ cannot find symbol
symbol : variable hpr
location: class Payroll
hourlyPayRate = hpr;
^ cannot find symbol
symbol : variable hw
location: class Payroll
hoursWorked = hw;
3 errors

Here is the program i plug this into, which seems to be running fine:

//Import scanner utility

import java.util.Scanner;

//This program runs a test of the Payroll Class

public class PayrollTest
public static void main(String[] args)

String testName; //Hold employee name
int testID; //Hold employee ID Number
double testHPR; //Hold employee Hourly Pay Rate
double testHW; //Hold employee Hours Worked

//Create a Scanner object for keyboard input.

Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;

//Get the employee name

System.out.print("What is the employees name?: ");
employeeName = keyboard.nextLine();

//Get the employee ID Number

System.out.print("What is the employees ID Number?: ");
idNumber = keyboard.nextInt();

//Get the employees hourly wage

System.out.print("What is the employees Hourly Pay Rate?: ");
hourlyPayRate = keyboard.nextDouble();

//Get the employees amount of hours worked.

System.out.print("How many hours did the employee work?: ");
hoursWorked = keyboard.nextDouble();

//Calculate Hours worked times hourly wage

//Create an instance of the Payroll Class
//passing the data that was entered as arguements to the constructor

Payroll data = new Payroll(testName, testID, testHPR, testHW);

//Get the data from the employee and display it

System.out.println("Employee Name: " + data.getName());
System.out.println("Employee ID Number: " + data.getIdNumber());
System.out.println("Employee Pay Rate: " + data.getPayRate());
System.out.println("Employee Hours worked: " + data.getHoursWorked());



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Jul 15, 2005
In the lines you highlighted, you're assigning your class members to variables that don't exist.

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