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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by joshr1, Nov 9, 2004.

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    i tried posting in the main forum, but nothing. here it goes again... hopefully you guys will know what to do.

    i just got cable internet installed. it works fine when the cable is connected directly to my ethernet port. however, i NEED to put my wireless router on so i can activate the windows on my laptop and fix the screen problem. when i put the cable from the modem into the back of the router, all it does is flash on the connectivity light. this means its not connected... why? ive tried resetting both the modem and the router, and neither worked. all cables being used are brand new. why wont this work? can anyone help me out? thanks in advance.
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    Power down both the cable box and the router for at least one minute.

    Make sure your cables are connected properly.

    Power up the modem and wait for it to cycle and get it's address (watch the lights)

    THEN power up the router.....see if you get different results.
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    thanks, ill try that.

    edit: that worked, thanks a ton man!
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