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    Two parts to this thread. First deal with help with music and the second deals with help to a modified "Truth or Dare" game.

    The party is going to be me, my fiance, her 2 bridesmaids, and their 2 boyfriends. We're going to be drinking and playing games (Pictionary, Newleyweds, and Dirty Minds from Spencers). Then we'll finish it off with a movie.

    1. If any of you have a large music collection, i'm looking for good music to play during a party. Emphasis on the word "good", not played out crap from some ghetto rap station. If you have a good song, lay it on me.

    2. One of the bridesmaids is leaving with her boyfriend. The other is spending the night with hers. All 4 of us are, for lack of a better word, slutty. I decided to make a "Truth or Dare" game that is essentially a "Truth" game with points being awarded the sluttier the truth is. Bonuses can be awarded to certain questions (but are not necesary). If you choose not to answer a question, you have to do a drink.

    The cards are devided into 3 categories: Girl (both girls answer), Boy (both boys answer) or All (everyone answers.

    Here's an example of some questions:

    Girl: Have you ever zoned out while giving head? Bonus: If you do it deliberately, what do you think about?

    Guy: Does the idea of giving your girl a facial excite you?

    All: Imitate your partner having an orgasm.

    Add in any questions you'd like. And if you have any ideas for how to do a point/scoring system - let me know.

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