Need lowfat diet advice. Suffering from Pancreatitis

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by daign, May 18, 2008.

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  1. daign

    daign Guest

    I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis about 3 weeks ago. Lots of pain, and a life changing event.

    Basically, I am not allowed to drink alcohol any more, and have to keep my fat intake below 30 grams total per day. Preferably less, it causes less stress on my pancreas and less pain and suffering. Doctors have recommended a low fat high carb diet.

    So far I have been sticking to the following:

    Nonfat Yogurts
    Special K cereal with nonfat milk
    Nonfat bagels with nonfat cream cheese
    Chicken breast
    Salads with nonfats dressings
    Pita bread
    Wheat bread with minimal fat
    Ground turkey
    Deli sliced turkey
    Fresh vegatables and fruits

    As far as exploring my abilities to push the limits:

    Lean petite filet mignon = ok
    Lowfat marinara with lean ground beef and spaghetti = ok
    Small italian sub with no Mayo = ok
    Ground turkey tacos with no cheese and nonfat sour cream = ok
    Spicy Chicken Teriyaki over nonfat ginger dressing = ok

    I've dropped 18 lbs in 3 weeks since checking into the ER. I was 226 when I checked in, 216 when I checked out, and today weighed at 208 lbs.

    I am 6'5"

    As far as fitness goes, I ride 5 miles or so per day on my bike, do pushups and crunches. My goals are more diet oriented at this stage.

    More about survival and staying out of the hospital than being in shape :hs:

    Any suggestions for other foods I could start branching out and exploring would be heavily appreciated by F&N crew.
  2. igo4bmx

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    Oct 9, 2002
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    dude the other thread just scared the shit out of me
    especially when i drank a shit ton last night!
  3. Reign

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    Nov 17, 2003
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    Westminster, CO
    Seasonings, it looks, are going to be your best friend.
  4. daign

    daign Guest

    Lawry's marinades all over the place. They are low calories, and non fat.

    I usually have 1-2 chicken breasts marinading. I figure at this rate I'm eventually going to start clucking :hs:
  5. daign

    daign Guest

    you and every single one of my friends thats been drinking with me just as long... ;)

    My family does have a history of it though so who knows.
  6. erok81

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    Paste the story in here so losers like me can read it. :hs:
  7. daign

    daign Guest

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