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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Weapon X, Jul 19, 2003.

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    My 35" RCA Standard is shitting the bed. The picture is all concate, looks like half of an hourglass. :( I'm looking for a standard TV with a flat screen. An HDTV is out of my budget range. I'm looking to spend about $600. Any thoughts?

    EDIT: Looking for at least a 35" TV. :hs:
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  2. Try a Sony. My dad has a new 32" WEGA set w/ PIP, it's a good brand/model. RCA is not really as good (shitty brand). Other good brands:

    • Toshiba
    • Samsung
    • Phillips-Magnavox
    • Panasonic
  3. My dad used to own RCA (for TV & VCR -- good brands when I was growing up), but they broke down often :mad: resulting in high repair costs :rant2:

    Our 46" projection TV (last TV in family room) was an RCA, but broke down 5-7 times!!! The 25" console set (another RCA & first family room TV) worked okay but recently it won't turn off (retired set).
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