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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by standbackimapro, Nov 6, 2008.

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    Well, Im 20 Years old, right now, when i was in about 8th grade i met this girl who was in 7th grade,we dated for a a few months and ended it, so i went to highschool shee was still in middle school, didnt really talk to her until i then went on to be a sophmore and she was becomming a freshman, and we ended up going back out, and we still are today, so about 4 years

    Now, We fight alot, like one day well fight, the next day well be fine, and we will just fight over the most crazy shit, shes 18, shes always talking about the future, getting married, kids, jobs, liek all that crap, im only 20, part of me says yea im only 20 do i really wanna be with the same chick forever, and another part says, she loves me, like what if we break up and it turns out im miserable, shes fuckin other dudes now, shes goin to college, then im screwed, like she cares about me, but i think to much, asking me what im doing, who im with, bla bla, shell break up with me if i smoke weed

    yet, throughout the 4 years weve been together shes broken up with me about 4 times, and each time was with another guy,

    But anyway i met this other chick, and ive been hanging out with her a for the last 3 days, she seems really cool, not stuck up and shit

    I just dont know what to do with my girlfriend, like its hard to break up because like i said, somedays were fighting, the next were not, and so on,

    for instance we got into a fight the other day and it went like this we were driving and i say, we pass by this old police training place and i say " They tore down the police training place, shes like WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT like in a nasty ass tone, and so i was just like what did i just say, they tore down the police training place, she gets pissed cuz i yelled, and she drops me off and flips shit

    So in reality, my girlfriend now shes caring and shit, she has a planned future, shes a goody goody, but like idk if i cant break up with her because weve been together for so long, or because like i wanna be with her, idk
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    You are young, this happens to a massive majority of every "highschool sweetheart" couple. You age, you change, you realize there are other people out in your world that you might like to meet and be with (sexually), it's very natural.

    You guys don't even have a healthy long relationship. Her dumping you 4 TIMES and getting with another guy each time shows she's nowhere near mature enough to even get into a marriage, not to mention she's only 18 years old. She follows her emotions, not her heart. She thinks she wants a marriage but really she just wants a wedding because society has drilled in her that it's romantic.

    Whether you stay with your gf and marry her or don't you two are never going to work out, just realize this now. I hope you do break up with her and experience life and other women because if you don't there's no doubt in my mind that in 5 years you will hate yourself.
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    the streets
    dump that bitch
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    i read this in the car on the way to work
    and my sentiment was pretty much just like that of iwish

    dont stay together because'you've been together for so long'..that's not a reason for a relashonship

    high school is such a small microcosm of what's out there. a lot of couples end up together in high school because that's the best match for what's available to you. it works for the time, but you'll end up with relationships like yours..

    sounds like there are much better matches for you out in the world and you should explore those
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    Its not going to work just break it off now and play the field you're 20 years old plenty of other girls out there man. Chics at 18 don't want marriage they want all the crap that goes along with marriage (the ring, gifts, own place, etc) thats it.
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    Give her the boot.
  7. Life is short, live it up, and don't stick to only one person.

    You need to experience what life has to offer, sometimes it just isn't meant to be. There shouldn't be a constant battle between you two. It should flow seamlessly.

    Sometimes you take all you can take, do all you can do, and apparently its not enough, so you gotta cut your losses and move on.

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