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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Southpaw, Aug 6, 2004.

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    Alright, before this gets too confusing let me give you a review of what I am trying to do.

    My car (2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse) came with an external stock amp with my headunit. It sits underneath my passenger seat. Well I got a new headunit and want to bypass my stock amp totally. For more power, better sound, etc. To do this I've followed the directions given here:

    But I don't know where to get my power sources from (ignition, memory back-up, ground, power antenna). This is all that was plugged into my stock headunit *pic* So which wires do I tap into? I do realize they may vary by car, but hopefully ground and positives are pretty universal.

    Also, in the directions given it says to run my mains in parallel with my tweeters. Just as long as I put a capacitor in front of my tweeters to filter out my low frequencies I should have no problems. Did I set this up right then?

    One final question, I also purchased a 7" in-dash monitor and need to find these power wires. brake line, acc, ground, batter (12V). Any ideas?

    I realize that it may seem like I have no idea but this is definetly a learning process. So any help would be great. Thanks!
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    1) Go to best buy, walmart, auto parts store, or a car audio shop and buy a harness adapter. Then match colors from the head unit harness to the harness adapter

    2) That should be okay...cant really see whats going on in the pic.

    3) The harness adapter will have those wires and they should all be labeled but if not:

    Red - acc
    Yellow - Battery (12V)
    Black - Ground

    Brake is for the ebrake...gotta run the wire down to the ebrake handle and splice into the wire the handle grounds when you engage the ebrake.
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    Most places will NOT stock that piece for his eclipse with the infinity system. I had to do an amp/sub in one at my old job and it was a bitch.

    I think we had a harness available for order that would UTILIZE the factory amp, but if you wanted to bypass, I was under the assumption that you would just be better off running new speaker wire.


  4. Southpaw

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    Yeah I was having problems finding one and didn't want to wait to order online. But a guy just said to ground off the e-brake one for my in-dash (its a safety precaution) and just find some 12V sources and go from there. I think I am pretty set. Thanks though!
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    Everything is hooked up and the radio sounds great, but my in-dash blinks off right away when I turn it on. What would cause this? All my connections are good and I grounded the e-brake wire. Thanks

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