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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by focalBlur, Dec 7, 2007.

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    So I am going out with this girl for the first time sat night and I am not coming up with anything good.

    All the hard work is done and so far things are going great!

    Two weeks ago I was meeting a few friends at a bar and had time to kill. I stopped by one of the other restaurants owned by the same people I work for. Figured I would get some cheap food. While there I see this attractive girl working there. She seems too have taken notice of me and at one point actually introduces herself (I know everyone who works there so everyone was already talking to me). I leave and that’s it. A few days later I am out with a female friend of mine who works with the attractive girl. I mention to her that I thought she was cute and asked if she knew anything about her. My friend did not but said she seemed normal enough.

    Fast forward to the end of the week and I get a text from my friend. The text says that the girls wants to give me her number and that I should call her. Few days later, Sunday night, I call her after I get back from Canada and we decide to go out some time but both are working all week so we did not make plans.
    Tuesday night I am out with some friends and my friend brings her out. We end up talking all and she turns out to be even more attractive then before.

    We finally make plans to go out this Saturday night but I have no idea what to do. It has been a while since I last went on a “date”. It has mostly been short lived hookups since my last SO.

    Anyway anyone have any good ideas. We both know very little about each other so it should be something that allows conversation but is fun too.
    I don't mind spending money but I don't want to look like I am showing off
    turns out we both like the same bars

    She is 5’11” with the build of a model, very thin but not unhealthy looking
    I am 6’6”
    She will be 26 in a month
    I am 24

    She has graduated college with a degree in art, I am told she is really good
    She also plays electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass very well
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    If there's snow on the ground:

    Go for a late-night drive around quiet areas, and go for a walk down by the river. Always an amazing sight in winter.


    Invite her over and cook her dinner, then watch a movie on the couch. Horror is your best bet.

    Take her out for milkshakes and then an activity like bowling, rollerskating, etc

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