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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by pogo the monkey, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. My buddy has been single for almost 22 months, the last girl he was with wasn't really a serious relationship, but it was more friends with benefits. Anywho, he's been wondering how to possibly get friends with benefits, or maybe a girlfriend, I've tried offering him tips, but he has tried and they don't work for him.

    Basically, it's like he lost his game, and he doesn't really have much game now, I can tell he's a little shy, maybe nervous about hooking up with someone. I've tried giving him pointers on conversation, and they seem to do ok, but it's the date part and other things that he struggles on...

    I've tried to help him the best I can, now I need some help here OT! :wavey:
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    Well tell your *big obvious winking eye making gthe quotation signs with his fingers* "Friend" he needs to act and project confidence...women can smell fear like a blood hound...Tell him he needs to sell himself to women, don't undersell yourself, be proud of your product...err I mean your friend's product...yeah...but don't oversell. Be confident, funny, and close the deal asap.

    Tell your "friend" *more obvious winking and finger quotations* good luck
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    You are teh Master^
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    so when you say your "friend" has been single for over 22 months, and he wouldnt mind friends with benifits.... does this mean that your "friend" hasnt had sex for over 22 months?

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