need some help on new routine.

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by slurpster, Aug 15, 2007.

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    with school coming up i gotta switch back to training 3 days a week, instead of 5. i've been doing a 5x10 back/biceps and chest/triceps split, alternating days the next week. i've got 3 hours to complete my workout and i'm able to pull off 3 hours. i only workout my upper body due my disability, not because i'm some kind a bro. if you want more background i've got a training log under hell on wheels"from gimp to pimp". ultimately i'm going for fat loss with some muscle growth.

    this is the routine i'm looking at starting next week. any suggestions on exercises to add or remove? everything will be done at 10 reps for 5 sets.


    incline bench
    straight bench
    decline bench
    lateral raises
    palm up curl
    palm down curl

    pulley/cable weight system-

    seated rows
    shoulder flexion
    cross-over flies
    rear delt row
    wide grip lat pulls
    closed grip lat pull
    face pulls
    tricep pull-downs
    dead lift

    rick shaw-

    tricep extension
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