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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by PoorBoy, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. PoorBoy

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    I bought this digi. cam like 2 years ago and was pleased for the most part.I bought 2 memory cards that are floppy and they both are damanged.I guess I left them in the camera.Would that ruin them?

    Anyways I went and bought a new memory card its a SmartmediaPNY.The guy at Bestbuy told me it just like the Smartmedia memory cards just cheaper.Its a 128 MB.

    Heres the problem.I take a picture, close the lense, look at the picture in the view box and its there.Ok so I take the memory card out of the camera and put it the usb port reader and it does a couple of things.Sometimes it will blink like its supposed to and Ill click on the E: drive and it shows no pics.Or sometimes it will light up and stay lit and the PC starts to mess up and I have to restart the PC.Then sometimes it will just not blink at all and it says the E: drive is not ready.


    I never had a problem like this before with the regular memory card.

    Anybody know?Or something I should check for?

    Ive made sure the connection is there and snug.Nothing is damanged or anything its just goofing off.

    Sorry if that was confusing its late.

  2. Laser Red

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    I think the camera does not support that big of a memory card size. I had a D400 a while back, and if I remember right, the highest card it could use was a 64mb.

    Check the manual to see if thats the problem..
  3. RedDemonSA

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    if thats the case, sell me your card cheap :o

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