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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Rich Uncle Skeleton, Dec 20, 2005.

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    Story goes:

    There's a girl that i've known at work for many years. In the last 6 months, we've been talking more personal via emails and in person chats on our breaks. We'd flirt heavily and eventually built up a mutual attraction towards each other. I'd ask her out on dates, which she would happily agree to. But when It came down to it and I would call her on her cell within 30 minutes before our meetup time, I would continually get her voicemail or she'd come up with an excuse that she couldnt commit to our plans. This happened like 6-7 times.

    She's a single mother and a very busy woman, so I accepted her excuses. So we finally arranged to go xmas shopping this past weekend since she didnt have her kids. What happened? Voicemail. We also arranged to spend some time together during a company holiday party later that evening. She practically ignored me.

    So basically I came in yesterday and wrote her an email stating that I cant go on with this. She pretty much lied to my face about spending time together outside of work. Now she's one of the nicest people I know, and thats really what hurts me. A great and sincere person that can lie to someones face and not feel any guilt what so ever. I could have lived with her simply telling me she didnt want to hang out, outside of work. That would have been perfectly fine. But to confirm plans face to face and then flake, pisses me off thinking back on it. No one likes those petty mind games.

    So now every time I see her at work, I get mixed feelings. I feel like cussin her out, yet I cant cuz she's such a nice and giving person. Maybe its a front she puts on at work, i dunno, but it definately sucks to go through it.

    Any of you all experienced similar situations? I know it'll eventually go away and i'll get over it, but for the time being I feel like someone has betrayed me, given me their word and totally disrespected me.
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    Good reason why you dont date people at work .. Sounds to me like a attention whore, and she was just soaking the attention up to satisfy her needs she was not getting from her significant other, which I am sure she has considering she breaks your plans so much .. Good rule of thumb after the second time, give up.

    Just totally ignore her. Attention whore crave attention like crack, she will come looking for her fix and you can throw the shit inher face and go on happy.

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