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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by ushi85, Dec 26, 2003.

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    Hey Hey..

    First of all i just wanna wish everyone a merry christmas. :bigthumb:

    ok now the help i need..
    i have a 99 civic SIR and i got a AEM cold air on it and i got the Bypass Valve for it too. and just a few weeks ago the plastic that holds the bypass vlave togeter snapped and the cold air is so fucking loose and when im stopped at a light she fucken rattles like a bitch. so i dont no if i should buy a new bypass valve or try to repair that one or jsut forget the idea bout a bypass valve.

    and one more question im getting tinted glass on my car just wondering what % i should get and sugesstions would be great.

    oh ye and my car is also Milano Red.. ok thx alot
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    Just get a new bypass valve, they're not that expensive. Don't be stingy on it and it won't break again because you don't want garbage to be sucked into the intake manifold.

    30% tint is fine. Thats what I have on mine.

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