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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by ww_Crimson, Nov 18, 2007.

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    I'll start off by saying I've read through most the stickies but I'm still a bit confused on what to buy. I don't have the money to purchase a full set of detailing supplies but I'd like to have some beyond-the-basics supplies.

    I've already got a small collection of cleaning supplies built up, but its mostly just for a basic wash/dry.

    I'm confused by all the different numbers and lines of of products. It seems meguiars has several product lines and I don't even understand the differences between #9 and #83, or where to read up on the differences between them.

    If you had $50-75 to spend on detailing supplies what would you buy? Just a simple list of a product and what its used for would be a great help.
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    Edmonds, WA does a decent job explaining them but they usually dont list them by the numbers. Basically you have the Red bottles which is the consumer line and is great. The Tan/Mirror Glaze lines is for more advanced users and shops. The NXT line is just kind of their marketing towards the car culture and younger crowds but they work well
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    I mainly use Optimum products in my detailing business. I use Optimum No Rinse as my main wash. The No Rinse can also be used as a quick detailer or clay lube, a very versatile product.
    I use the Poli Seal a ton too. The Poli Seal is a great all around cleaner,light swirl remover and protectant. This goes on easy and comes off easy.

    Optimum Spray Wax is used on a lot of my maintenance vehicles.
    I can wax a vehicle in less than 5 minutes with this.

    One other Optimum product I use quite a bit is the Opti Seal, this is a wipe on and walk away sealant. This saves a ton of time and looks really good.
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    You can get a ton for 75 bucks as long as you are not getting in to porter cable supplies. Right now you can get a year supply of Stoner Invis glass and Megs Quick Mist detailer for cheap. Buy one get one free...

    Get Vroom Micro Fiber towels from Target

    Duragloss car wash for 4 bucks from car quest.

    Bleach White from Walmart

    Stoner More shine less time.
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    You can go to your local paint and body store and get most of Meguiar's Pro line. Just look in the Yellow pages under paint and body supplies.

    Most quarts of Meg's stuff is 16-17.00 if not less. #80 and #83 are a must have..........even by hand. Heck, Meg's Color-X is pretty damn good and can be found at most auto parts stores for less than 10 bucks. As for a topper.........Meg's Cleaner Wax.........5.99/red bottle.......I get 4 week durability out of it.

    Here's the rest........
    Purple Power degreaser
    Stoner's Invisible Glass Cleaner
    Armor All Protectant.....Yep.....I mean it!
    Meg's Gold Class Car wash.
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    2nd on the Vroom towels!

    If you are going to order online, I'd recommend Optimum No Rinse as your wash, then either Clearkote's Vanilla Moose and Carnauba Moose or Optimum's Poli-Seal and Opti-Seal.

    Retail level, I'd go with Meguiars Gold Class wash, ColorX as your polish and #26 High Tech Yellow Wax.

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