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    Alright guys, I'm at a loss here. A friend of mine has a house that was built and was not able to have it pre-wired since it was almost done when he bought the house. The basement was also finished off aswell, under that half of the house. Anyway, the builders ran coax, ethernet and an a/c line above the fireplace. He can't get cables up there without cutting and patching drywall which he doesn't want to do. He found an ethernet to component video balun adapter. You plug the ethernet into one side and the other side of the balun has component cables attached. His equipment is in the basement by the patch panel and we get video to the display...however there are 2 horizontal lines that scroll up the screen. I figured it was because the ethernet is not shielded and run near romex. We pulled that piece of ethernet down and away from all romex that we can see until it dissapears into the finished part of the basement. This didn't fix the problem. Is there some sort of inline filter or something he can use to get rid of the interference in the picture? What would even be used in that situation? Any input would be great.

    For reference, here is the balun he is using.

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