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    Potentially taking on a project for an iphone app, but I can't handle all the work myself right now. So I need a sub-contractor.

    Basically, i want someone to build the back end in an online cms.

    Project Specifics:
    - The site will not be a site that we direct traffic to in the standard sense of a website. This is simply to provide an interface to clients to upload data.
    - The type of data allowed to be uploaded will need to be controlled on a user level.
    - This site is only to provide data to be downloaded by mobile applications.
    - There will be scripts run to write the data from the DB into JSON formatted text files delivered over HTTP between the mobile and server.

    Assets to be stored on a per client basis
    - Images for slideshow
    - Events - Includes title, description, start date, end date, start time, end time, address, phone
    - Promotions - ExclusiveTag, title, description, start date, end date, start time, end time
    - Camera feeds - Title, description, URL, start date, end date, start time, end time
    - Social networking - facebook login, facebook pass, twitter name (maybe twitter login).
    - Schedule Advertisement - This will take a text string, and send it out to all applications running. Potentially want to add in scheduling capability.
    - Contact Info - Business Name, address, phone number, website addr.

    Graphic Designer Assets:
    - Each client will be allowed to customize a certain amount of graphics
    - Drop down list of customized graphics, then an upload form to consume the jpg/png file with filesize validation

    - Client A wants to login and update the data specific to their business. Perhaps, add an event, cancel an event, etc. They would login, and of course only be given access to their data. I think it would be helpful for them to be able to see what data they currently have (i.e. what events they have in the DB), what pictures are in the DB, etc.

    - There are 3 main types of users. Clients, Graphic Desingers, and Admin (me).
    - When we get a new client, I will be giving them their username/password
    - If there is a new Graphic Designer, they will be assigned to 1 or more Clients.

    Who wants work? I'm still negotiating the contract, so this isn't a for sure gig, but I will need someone dependable if it goes through.

    I also need to know a project rate for the above so I can work that into the negotiations.

    PM me if you're interested.

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