need to buy a laptop, need opinons

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by ChineseSpoon, May 28, 2007.

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    so i found out i need to work overseas for 6 months, and i have to leave in a month, so naturally i need to get a laptop now. i don't know much about laptops, but basically all i really need it for is just for the internet, watch movies, mp3s, and run MS office. So I've been looking at dells, and the 6400 seems to have everthing i need and it's competitive priced compare to the other manufacturers in similarily spec laptop. So is it a good idea? this is the one i'm looking at
    also i'm looking at this toshiba, since i "heard" toshiba makes good laptops

    anymore recommedations?
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    toshiba is fucking shitty, and dell is recockulously horrible.

    Go get a Lenovo. The N100 is a good machine, and Circuit City has one for $599 with 1GB ram, 15.4" widescreen, DVD-RW, 120GB HDD, Vista, etc. Good machine!

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