Need to sell my computer ASAP--- no idea where to start!

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  1. So I'm super short on money, and in order to make rent this month, I've decided to sell my desktop computer. I have NO idea where to start... first of all, I have no idea how much it's worth. And all my files on my computer- I know I have to delete them, but is there any way I can store them somewhere else until I get my next desktop? And as far as all the programs I've downloaded like Microsoft Office- is there any way for me to keep that to myself or does that have to go to the next person who gets the computer... ahhhH! I'm just overwhelmed because this needs to be done within a few days and I just need some guidance.

    For starters, these are the features of the computer:

    HP Pavilion a610n
    - 3000+ AMD Athlon XP processor
    - 512 MB PC2700 ddr sdram memory
    - 160 GB 7200 rpm Ultra DMA hard drive
    - CD-RW drive 48x32x48 max. speed
    - DVD-rom drive 16x max speed
    - Processor speed 2.10Ghz, 512kb l2 cache, 400 MHz Front Side Bus

    And then I have a flat screen monitor.

    Any suggestions on what it's worth/how to properly secure my files, etc would be sooo appreciated!!
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    You could back up your data onto a USB hard drive, but that would probably cost almost as much as you'd get for that computer. I see you have a CD-RW. You could burn your stuff to CD's but that is a pain in the ass if you have a lot of data. You could pull the hard disk and sell the rest of the system but that would obviously reduce its selling price significantly. If you sell the hard disk with the system, download a program called dban. It makes a bootable CD that you run to wipe out your hard disk.
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    Go to a local computer store. Buy a used IDE hard drive, maybe 40GB.

    Remove your 160GB from the computer case and put it in the 40GB's ESD bag. Put the 40GB in the case and hook up the cable.

    Ohhh, lookie:
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    As for selling price anything beyond $150 and I'd consider you lucky. You might be able to get $200 including the LCD.

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