need to upgrade my sytem's disk i/o i think

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    i run ms virtual server 2005 R2, and i am getting to a point where my computers cpus are always running at 90-100% under the VM load. right now, i think i have about 10-12 active virtual machines.

    my system, is a dual xeon 2.66/533 HT, 3GB ram. mobo has 2 SATA channels onboard, each with 2 connectors. i have 2 seagate SATA drives, a 120 and a 160GB, each on a sperate channel. C: and D: are on the 120, and E: is the 160. all Virtual Machines reside on E:, so as not to interfere with the i/o of normal operating system jobs and things like reading emails, internet, etc.

    however, i mentioned that CPU usage of my machine goes thru the roof when i get several virtual machines going (especially BSD based firewalls, but thats not what im bitching about in particular today). i would like to split the VM i/o load out to other controllers.

    im considering:
    firewire drives (of which, i already have 2 vacant contollers)
    SATA controller and 1 or more drives

    ive always been a fan of 3ware controllers, i have an 8 channel IDE raid controller in my server, and its about 5 years old, and never coughed one time. the onboard on my asus mobo is promise, which they have been in this market a long time as well.

    does anyone have some controller recommendations, or advice as to how a firewire drive might perform in my particular environment?

    *edit* i did pop in an adaptec 39160 SCSI controller and a 36GB u160 drive, but performance was not good... if i formatted my system and rebuilt it with only SCSI im sure it would scream, but i was having quite a bit of delay transfering data from the SATA to the SCSI, and then when i got it there to the SCSI, the VMs performance was severly degraded.

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