Need VB Module created - Will pay.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by kewlb, Mar 15, 2004.

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    If there are any VB guru's out there who have the time to do a little freelance work I need a .bas module created that can evaluate all possible Texas Hold'em Hands and assign an integer value based based on the best possible five card hand (2 hole cards, 5 community card). I would like it to also include functions for shuffling and dealing. The program must be written to work on 2K Server/XP and compile with Visual Basic 6.0 and use the Cards32.dll. You must include comments and documentation on each function as well as an example on its use. PM me or contact me on AIM (Kewlb19) if you think you can handle this project and we will discuss a time frame and price.
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    what are you paying?
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    Read what I stated above. I said contact me to discuss the project, timeframe, and pay. Just posting "what are you paying" is not what I was looking for. If I wanted to be that open about it I would have just stated a price right then and there.

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