Needs professional's opinion - Detailing OLD paint

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by z284pwr, Apr 15, 2008.

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    Now that its warming up its car detailing time. We have 5 of them to do. I'm curious as to what the professionals here think.

    Some may recognize the pictures, if not here is the car in question...

    It is original '73 paint. It has been WELL taken care of, never seen rain/bad weather. It hasn't been waxed in about 2 years now and has never really been fully detailed however, it did go about 8 years of never actually needing a wash :eek3:

    Anyways, should I detail this one by hand or would a PC be okay? When we were pulling the engine out 4-5 times, we had some grease get on it and lacquer thinner took off any paint it touched, I don't want to have the PC doing the same thing.
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    I would get a bottle of Meguiar's #80. I'm betting it's a single stage clearcoat. 80 works well on a single stage paint with the PC and an orange or green pad. #80 can be found at some body shop supply stores but you may have to order it.
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    Original paint = single stage. There is no getting around removing some of the old paint when you polish it. That is what you want anyway, get rid of the dead, oxidized layer on top to get to the good stuff underneath. I second Justin's recommendation of using Meguiars #80.

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