Neo Key External Mod chip for PS2 question

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by DragIIcivic, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. DragIIcivic

    DragIIcivic Guest

    I just installed mine...and it works great for playing my "back up" games....(that I own the original copy of, of course ;) )

    my question is....does this chip also have the capability to play import games as well? just curious....thanks!
  2. itchiban

    itchiban Guest

    I am almost certian it does. :)
  3. chibi

    chibi Guest

    nope cannot.. only the neooriga and M-Clone "Messiah" chips can.... the only way you would go into playing a import is to backup a import game "RIP IT" and try to fit it onto a regular CDR..

    this process is very hard and takes awhile.. with multiple programs..

    if your looking into playing import games.. look into buying a newer chip..

    however, those Mclone's and Neoorigas require alot of skill in soldering where as 23-41 wires need to be soldered onto the the pcb of the ps2. good luck..

    AND BTW. the neokey IS ONLY GOOD FOR CDR BACKUPS.. thats about all it does.
  4. So its an external chip?

    I've wanted to get a chip for a while now but I don't wanna have to open my PS2. This chip just plugs in somewhere like on the outside of the PS2? Can I DL games and burn them or do I need the original copy of the game and then I can copy that?

    Little help please, this sounds like it could be really cool and easy to do! And also if you guys know of a good reliable place to buy one of these if indeed I don't have to open the ps2 to install it

  5. chibi

    chibi Guest

    Re: So its an external chip?

    the chip you refer to that plugs on the outside still requires soldering.. only 1 jumper wire though.. and that modchip only plays CDR BACKUPS.. plus you need a gameshark to boot them. the cdr images can be downloaded from the internet or RIPPED DVDS converted into CDR format by yourself "which is a pain in the ass IMHO" takes couple hours. So your best bet is to stick with whatever works out best for u. If you have a dvdr then you can straight burn the ps2 games and buy a better modchip.. like Neo 2.5 DVD KEY, Neo4, Origa, NeoOriga, M-Clone "Messiah", or Union-Chip and you'll be able to play dvdr backups.. plus cdr backups... some chips will allow autobooting of cdrbackups

    your best bet however is that.. IF YOU DONT HAVE access to ps2 images online.. dont bother.. wait for dvdr prices to drop then rent and burn.. for now... unless you have access... hehe i'd leave ur ps2 alone..

    btw.. if you'd like to find out where to get a chip installed check out. they give a list for all MODCHIP installers around the world.

    for more info and modchips and stuff.. check out..
  6. Thanks man!

    wow dude you answered all my questions, thanks man! I think I'll just leave my ps2 alone till i get a dvd burner.

  7. DragIIcivic

    DragIIcivic Guest

    They now have the "no solder" mods available for V4 mainboards, It will supposedly play DVDrs...I'm gonna give it a shot, hell, it's less than 20 bucks. BTW Please Email me w/ where to access the ISOs online :)
  8. chibi

    chibi Guest

    yea NO SOLDER R mods will kill your ps2 tray motor in 6 months. Because the NOSOLDER R mods force the tray to open while the disc is in motion in the gs screen. Basically this is like the cog/knife method.. but the modchip is opening the tray for u.

    my friends ps2 with his no solder R mod ended up with his ps2 tray not working after 3 and a half months.. he ended up buying a brand new ps2.

    i'd rather just buy a messiah or neo 4.1 much better for ur money in the long run.

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