Nerf Bar Recommendation!!!

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Jon1, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. Jon1

    Jon1 Guest

    I need some help on choosing a style/brand for a 2001 Dakota Sport ext cab 4X4. Preferrably black. Any recommendations? Does anyone still manufacture the plain bar without the incorporated rubber step?
  2. nucl3ar

    nucl3ar Guest

    Don't get them. They always end up rusting out and if you off-road they will only hurt your clearance. Get some real rocker guards instead.
  3. Wolvrin704

    Wolvrin704 Guest

    I recommend gettin stainless steel ones, they never rust. I have the chrome plated ones and after 3 seasons they are starting to get the spots of rust. I have the Westin brand with the rubber step which I have found works great in the winter and there is ice all over the bar. But I believe most companies still manufacture those without the step. Check thats where I got mine at.
  4. Jon1

    Jon1 Guest

    thanks for the feedback.

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