NetMeeting with routers?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by keltenison, Jul 23, 2003.

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    Sorrie for my nuubi-ness butt....

    i use my webcam to talk to my gf in Penn. I am currently using Net Meeting to connect to her. Im behind a router, but she isn't so right now im able to dial her IP and connect. But she's getting a router soon so im afraid that i wont be able to have an actual IP to connect to. Anyway to get around this? My friend mentioned dmz (delmiliterized zone).... how does that work? Initial thnx for responses. :)
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    Have her go to

    That is the IP you will need to connect to.

    She will need to go into her router config and forward the following ports to her internal IP address (typically 192.168.0.x)


    If she selects her internal IP address as a DMZ, she will not need to forward any ports. However, her computer will be completely vulnerable to incoming connections from the internet. A software firewall such as ZoneAlarm might be a good idea in this case.
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    thnx a bunch! :bigthumb:
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    but how do u select ur internal IP address as a DMZ?

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