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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by BizzCrawl, Feb 28, 2008.

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    Background on me: I work for a local convenience store chain where I was hired recently to work on their price book. That is, I clean up their existing database, make sure that the products and corresponding info in entered right, ensure that the right info for the products in sent to the right stores and shit. Pretty much non technical database maintenance. Infact, since the software is proprietary, I dont even deal with it and rather call the company for any trouble shoot.

    Anyways, I have a background in engineering, but I have been doing this since the last semester of my college which was last fall. I want to work for this company for a while since they provide me job security and lots of benefits and not to mention, a lot of independence.

    We have no in house sys/network admin for the company. A third party is hired to take care of the set up of the vpn and servers. I have practically no knowledge abt the sys admin functionality but I can learn. I, infact want to learn because I think this is the right place to obtain that skill. They want to pay me to take care of their servers aswell.

    Question: Where do I begin. Like I said, I am an engineering graduate, so I can work with softwares, write programs and think logically, but when it comes to administrative lingo, I am a confused dog even though I think I dont show that. I dont know how a server works, what softwares it usually holds. I havent worked on unix either.

    I have all the time in the world to learn while getting paid. I just shouldn't break anything. So, I need help in this regard. Are there any online courses which teach a noob some of these skills? Any books you recommend, any online sites which talk about networks, servers, security..crap like that for a beginner from scratch? What do you guys recommend I should start to completely understand this field. Any help would be of great use.


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    Im guessing its a unix based system then thats easy there is alot of online documentation and a hell of a lot of active user groups. Find a command list for what ever unix you are using and get to know it as all of your work will be done at the command line.

    So find out what you are running then learn that. Id probably suggest doing a bit of reading on general Sys Admin principles to get the gist of user accounts permissions, backup and restore strategies and that sort of thing. I think also you should learn the overlying concept of what stuff is before getting into the nitty gritty eg. learn the principles of a VPN before trying to configure it.
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    Sweet, I am really stoked about my prospects. I am going to pursue learning about unix and like you said, get a gist of things I can do from the command line. It is actually a sco openserver. I have the handbook I have been ignoring for a while since I was scared I would be overwhelmed, but now I think I am ready for it. I just want to learn the basics of these so that it can be an added skill and also I love to learn new things. Thanks for the encouragement.

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    If you're looking for books, you can't lose with O'Reillys series of administration/programming books :thumbs:

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