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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by iMotionSRT-4, Dec 15, 2009.

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    So here is what I have going on. A while back I started getting network connections errors (never had a problem before) Basically my wireless router would show connected, and the internet would show connected, then after a few minutes the wireless connection would drop down a bit and then just disappear. I would then get a balloon message saying "no wireless network in range" or something along those lines. It's like my wireless card just stopped recognizing my router. Similar things would happen on my laptop. So thought that maybe I was just over loading my router (Linksys WRT54G--54mbps). I had my TV hooked up, my PS3 hooked up, and then the 2 wireless computers. So I started disconnecting the TV and PS3 to see if that would give me a better idea if that was the problem. No luck. Even connecting my laptop with ethernet I would get "limited or no connectivity"

    I thought it was an error with Comcast or their hardware. Called them out, ran some test, everything worked fine (of course).

    SO I decided maybe I was having issue with the IP's/ports. I went through and issued the desktop/laptop/ps3 their own IP's. Sometimes they would connect and then just disappear. Neither one of them would recognize my wireless network. When I would click view wireless networks, it would be there and then just not connect, even after trying to do so manually.

    My next course of action was to uninstall my wireless card software, and reinstall it. Well so far that has worked well. The only hick-up I ran into was the actual "internet" just disconnecting all of the sudden. (network connections-internet connection-disabled)

    My wireless signal is FINALLY staying connected and recognized, but why would the "internet connection" just drop all of the sudden? It happened on my laptop about the same time.

    Just browsing the web, and then BOOM can't access any web addresses or anything. Even after clicking connect a few times it just sits there trying to. Eventually it will connect.

    All this shit has been driving me crazy (I'm not very computer literate) for the past 2 weeks. Even brought my desktop in the living room to hook it up with ethernet to see if it would work.
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    Did you actually verify that its not the router crapping out? Go to BestBuy or Walmart and just buy a new router and try it out for a few weeks. If the problem goes away you know it was the router. If it doesnt return the router and call the cable company again.

    Also, try using a USB wireless adapter with your laptop instead of the built in adapter. Just like in science class, eliminate variables.

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