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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by the1eddins, Oct 9, 2003.

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    anyone like networking? maybe you could give me a hand.

    heres the deal. i am at mizzou right now on their ethernet network, and there are two flavors. one is for the staff, and one is for the students. depending on the load i usuallt get about 60 kb/sec. last night i was dling some files and i hit a back bone-~945kb/sec... suffice to say i dl'ed a 30 mb file in under 10 secs. it was cool.

    but thats not the problem. the problem is that the staff gets about 1.5 mb/sec dl speed. and i dont. anyone have any ideas on how to obtain that?

    i think i could be domain related, like log in and all that jazz. but any ideas?
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    this is the n00best post i have ever read.
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    thanks guys, alotta help cocksmoker
  5. the1eddins

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    i just though that there would be someone that actually had some form of intelligence that would help me out
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    I have an idea, apply to be a T/A so you can get an office on the staff network.

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