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    my life is a long story, but recently alot of things have been bugging me since college graduation...
    - lost alot of friends going thru college, just havent seen them enough and now they feels so distant
    - college friends are mostly going their own way, travelling, working full time, etc
    - Getting a job seems to be a big factor of pressure towards the same time trying to please the ones around me (my family for one, as i'm still freeloading by living at home)
    - i smoked up with some buddies a few nights ago (i do NOT do this often, maybe 2 times max a month, and ive only started half a year ago), and while i was high, alot of things came to me.. ive had thoguhts about suicide even..

    overall, i'm just not happy with who i am and what i have achieved so far in life... i desperately want to change this, or at least see if anyone else has gone through this before and would like to share their experiences?

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    This same question pops up infinitly in different situations on this forum.

    The thing is, you are still going to feel down.

    I can only recommend some things. Realise that your friends are dissappearing and just like me, are sick of their guy friends trying to make a safe haven with their lady. It happens, it sucks. Or they found something else. Either way, they are going.

    Getting a job will help you so much though. Work is a kick in the balls but unless you can generate food without doing anything you are stuck. But in the meantime you generate friends, wealth, credit, reputation, status, resume info, networking, and plenty of good things from work. So get that job.

    Do not try to please the ones around you, they can sense it and are feeding off it unfortunitly. Please yourself with your good works and they will notice it, and it will be unnessesary to try and please them in the end. At least, thats how it works around here.

    Smoking up... Ahh, how I love the good toke. But FUCK WEED when I am in a hard period. It fucks you up in the worse way, inhibits progress and makes you even more depressed. It tends to make good times good, bad times worse. DO NOT, I repeat, Do not toke in your mental state. Youve been warned.

    Toke your fuckin head off once you are happy if you feel like it, and you will probally enjoy it. I know I am going to have that rare toke tonight perhaps, and I deserve it.

    Now you say you are not happy with who you are and what you have achieved in life...

    I am sure you have seen the matrix. The illusionary world around you. It has become a pop hit but it is based on accient gnostic knowlage that perhaps even predates christianity. The I which you have created is mearly an illusion, as if you are drunk or in a dream. Judgement changes constantly, and you will judge yourself negatively, just as a rich man is not happy with all his possesions and hits a big line of coke you will be no different no matter what your so called achievements are.

    This is no lie. There is one fuckin thing in this life that will make you happy. And that is love. It is this primal instinct that has driven the force of evoloution and higher intelligence and is infinite in its renewablity.

    However it is an addition to the man, it does not make you or add to what you lack. You will not be happy until you can get rid of these damned desires the ego creates. or study buddhism, you will find such bliss in at least detaching yourself from these anchors. I make no joke of this, I am feeling better and healthier by going through this hard process of altering what I value in life.

    So what is going to make you happier in life... an amazing college degree and that aluminum/metal arrangement of atoms that forms a car, or a beautiful woman that loves you and creates passion and drama in your life to entertain you instead... I go for that woman, because you arent going to find that passion in anything else in this world.
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    Frankly, you probably haven't achieved anything noteworthy with your life yet. If you're like me and you've recently entered the arena of the work-a-day world, then your entire life up to this point has been preparation for dealing with the demands of living in a structured society (which has its ups and downs, but is largely inescapable at this point). Instead of lamenting that you haven't accomplished much yet, consider how much better prepared you are now to do whatever comes to mind, compared to where you would have been had you dropped out of school/run away/killed yourself.

    Pot has a way of connecting brain cells that otherwise would have sensibly minded their own business. This makes it great for creative thinking, but bad for getting a clear perspective on who you are and what you should do. Don't sweat the weird thoughts, just remember that those thoughts are nothing more than wacky ideas of what you could do, if you decided you wanted to. Inspiration comes in many forms, but decision-making is best done with a clear head. Case in point: you thought about how you could kill yourself, but later on concluded (appropriately) that it wouldn't be the best move to make.
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