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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by jizzmo, Jan 30, 2009.

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    lol, good luck with that
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    issuu is a wicked platform based on an entire ajax backend.
    It has been under development for quit sometime and is going head to head with its competitor ipaper.
    These two technologies while using flash as the final layer, both rely on extensive back end systems to get where they are today.

    If you wish to proceed with some sort of pdf implementation here are your choices...
    - flashpaper by Adobe
    - Noted flash guru Andreas Bednarz had some open source files available a while back but his site is down. You can find reference to him on FlashGuru's site.
    - Mike Chambers, an old school flash developer now with Adobe used to have examples as well. Coincidentally, Andreas and Mike's code is no longer available... I suspect that their implementations were the beginnings of adobes flash paper backends and now owned by adobe.
    You can contact mike on his blog and ask him if he remembers where the source code got off too :)
    - INM pressario makes a product that can be used as a server for a director based front end. I have no experience with this as Director has long since been dropped by Adobe and replaced with their stupidly expensive server products and Flex based solutions.
    Lastly is Adobe's Digital Edition and Content Server products... these systems are shitty as they require a proprietary viewer not the regular flash viewer.

    I wish I had more to offer you as far as working code, but, publishers are recognizing the benefit of protecting pdf documents by allowing them to be viewed but not downloaded and are charging for it.

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