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    I was thinking about getting this but have never done online gaming. I was wondering?
    when does it come out?
    how hard is it to learn how to play?
    is it worth buying?

    Thanks for the help.
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    Don't think of it as an online game, really. Its more a question of if you've ever played D&D before. If you haven't, then the game might be hard for you to pick up right away seeing as how its based pretty solidly on 3rd edition rules. But if you've ever played D&D before (or any other pencil & paper RPG, actually), then it should be real easy to understand. I'm not saying that if you've never played before, then you won't be able to enjoy the game, I'm just saying that for those of us who've played it before, we really won't need to read the instruction manual to understand the game, while those who haven't will need to read it cover to cover to get the most out of it.

    I believe it comes out towards the end of the month or soon after. Gamespot announced that it went gold, so it will be out in the very near future.

    As for the online thing, there's a single player campaign as well in addition to multiplayer support. The multiplayer is really where the game shines, though, because people can create their own campaigns and adventures to run a group of players through. So if you feel creative, you can create and run the game for other people, or if not, you can just enjoy someone else's hand-created world.

    Is it worth it? Without playing the game yet, I'm gonna say yes. This game has the potential to be around for a long time once people get the hang of the creation tools and start making their own adventures. With all the tools they've put at the hands of the player, it would basically be possible to run an entire D&D campaign over NWN instead of in person. Even though in person is more preferable, this is the next best thing.
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    im gonna buy it. id only buy it if you plan on playing it online and have people to play with, otherwise i wouldnt recommend it.


    Do you know if they are charging a monthly fee to play online? If so how much will it be?
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    no charge monthly.. its basically a game you play with others, since a DM (Dungeon Master) can make the world, and have their friends go play through it...

    its not a MMORPG like UO/EQ/AC/DAoC and the likes... not even close... if you've played Dungeon Siege, its kinda like that...

    Im gonna go pick up my copy today... looks good, but Im usually a MMORPG kinda guy.. but I did buy Dungeon Siege, I found it alright, but way too repetitive, hopefully this is gonna be different.
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    this game is my bitch

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