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    Well, here is my deal... I have a really nice Xbox 360 setup that I've had for a year. I have had my fun with it, and I'm tired of sitting inside on these excellent Northern California summer days. So, I have been trying to trade my Xbox stuff for a Go-Ped scooter lately. I used to ride them alot a few years ago and figured another one would get me more outdoor use than my Xbox. I've had plenty of offers for broken down mini/pocket bikes and scooters for my perfect condition (warrantied) Xbox 360 Elite+... lame.

    That is until yesterday I was presented with 2 strangely good offers. One offer is for a 2001 Honda XR200R + riding gear for my Xbox. Apparently the bike works great. A couple tears in the seat, but hey, its a dirt bike. Problem here is that I don't have a truck or a trailer to haul it the 3 hours back to my house. Next deal...

    This deal is the one I'm really interested in and the one that has thrown me for the biggest loop. I got offer a 1982 Kawasaki KZ305 CSR street cruiser. At first I thought "no way, its probably some broken, redneck, rust-bucket..." Until the guy Emailed me these pics...

    Guess no pics then? Well, its a VERY clean looking bike.

    He tells me the bike only has ~6k miles on it, clear title, always been stored inside, starts and runs fine. And he wants to trade my rarely played Xbox for it... This has me thinking that I would much rather cruise around town on this than a GoPed. Apparently it gets 50+ mpg, and can cruise just fine on the freeway. I'm now totally stoked on the deal, and we have plans to meet up and swap today (4/22). Now for the sad part... He called me late yesterday afternoon and said he gave it a tune up, and upon completion of an oil change, he went for a ride, forgetting to fill up the bike with oil... He said he only went ~1/2 mile total never getting out of 2nd because it was a slow residential, but by the time he got home the bike was "squeaking" as he says. I started searching the web, and learned a great deal on this bike. Being as old as it is quite difficult to find parts, but I did manage to locate a complete motor near him for only $100. I figure I will probably need to swap the piston, rings, and cylinder. With a fresh set of gaskets it should be just fine... I hope :noes:. I'm quite mechanically inclined, and for some reason I already feel attached to this bike. I know its small with only a 30hp 306cc engine, but I think it would be a perfect starter bike for me. If anyone has one of these bikes, or knows a thing or 2 about the mechanics, feel free to chime in!

    Really though... Am I just lusting for this street cruiser? Should I just take the XR200R?

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