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    For fans of mastodon, isis, torche...etc.

    From Relapse records.

    'BARONESS (Allen Blickle - drums, Summer Welch - bass, John Baizley - guitar, vocals, and Brian Blickle - guitar) recently finished writing its first proper full-length. The band will enter the Jam Room in Columbia, SC in April with Phillip Cope (of KYLESA) at the production helm to begin recording its Relapse debut.

    Comments Baizley: "We have completed writing and formulating the vast bulk of material that will comprise our first full-length. We have been actively writing and performing this material since the beginning of last summer and have toured Europe, playing a good cross section of the new album. This will be our first recording with our second guitar player (Brian Blickle), who has been in the band for nearly two years. The album is expected to be 10 tracks, and will have no formal title. Upon its release, we plan on touring the U.S. and Europe extensively in support of it."

    BARONESS previously released two EPs ("First" and "Second" respectively) on local Savannah indie Hyperrealist Records and will see the release of their "third" EP by way of a split with THE UNPERSONS, titled "A Grey Sigh in a Flower Husk", via At A Loss Recordings imminently.

    Tracks from BARONESS's previous efforts can be heard via the band's MySpace page ----> "

    Amazing band. Im excited as hell for this aswell as the new rosetta album and new between the buried and me album.

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